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NEET Alternatives You Should Know About

Every year – at this time of the year – lakhs of Class 12 Medical students go through a baptism by fire – that of appearing for the NEET entrance exams for admissions to the MBBS. Eventually, just 2% of candidates attempting these make it into the MBBS college while nearly 98% of candidates are left disappointed.

Some who don’t make it accept this reality and move on to seek admissions into private colleges. Others consciously decide to ‘drop’ a year to appear for the NEET the following year. This extremely risky strategy is surprisingly popular among a large section of students. This leads us to the key question – are Medical students betting their whole future on their chances of making it into MBBS college ? Are they aware of other good alternatives available?

Though we understand your dream was to become a doctor and work in hospitals, medical field, even if you are not able to become a doctor, you can look at following career options in medical science field also a good option:

1. Nutritionist
2. Food Technology/Food Science
3. Medical Lab Technology
4. Pharmacy
6. Clinical Research

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